ACST, Advanced Creative Solutions Technology, LLC, is a multifaceted global company providing comprehensive solutions to our clients’ micro- and nanotechnology needs. Whether consulting, sample characterization, instrumentation, or complete laboratory and curriculum outfitting is desired, ACST can customize every solution to each customers’ different requirements. With decades of experience at the cutting-edge of nanotechnology our employees are able to engineer cost-conscious, practical and innovative results.

ACST is more than an instrument company, more than a consulting firm, a service company, a metrology laboratory or an educational resource. It is all of these in the appropriate proportion for clients from educators to researchers. ACST can provide the instruments needed to image and fabricate at the nanoscale, matching curriculum for the instruments, instruction for faculty, and even help with further innovative ideas as classroom skills advance. For researchers, ACST can be your fast turn-around metrology lab or even a scientific consulting team to help assess and overcome problems working at the nano- and microscales.

The ACST nano-Scientist Program is designed to educate students in the multidisciplinary field of science and technology at the nanoscale. Due to the broad nature of nanotechnology students learn many skills, both conceptual and hands-on in order to succeed. The approach ACST brings to nanotechnology education is not one-size fits all, but a custom solution with the incorporation of instruments and laboratories as needed and appropriate for the particular educational institution.