NLP 2000

nlp2000NLP 2000 System is a user-friendly and easy to operate desktop nanolithography instrument capable of depositing a wide variety of materials with sub-micron accuracy and precision. With MEMS devices and deposition protocols with the NLP 2000System’s printing and automation software, users can create custom patterned substrates in under an hour.

Applications:  The NLP 2000 System is ideal for nano-engineering and biomaterials applications which require 1-10 micron printing and imaging capabilities, such as:

• Multiplexed protein printing
• Biosensor functionalization
• Cell micro and nanopatterning studies
• Polymer patterning, including ethylene glycol and acrylic

  • Ability to create  nano- to micron-scale features from varietly of materials
  • Rapid fabrication of multi-component patterns with 1-10 micron feature sizes
  • Automated, precise, co-planar patterning of areas as large as 40 mm x 40 mm
  • Functionalization of pre-existing microstructures
  • Process monitoring & control using high resolution optical microscopy &environmental chamber
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