Conductive Non-Contact Mode

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These probes are designed for non-contact imaging, C-AFM, oxidation lithography, nano-indentation and nano-scratching applications. Can be used also for imaging in contact mode in air or liquid on hard surfaces. Here are the properties of these tips:

  • Extreme hardness, for indenting many surfaces
  • Extreme wear resistance, no change after many scans
  • Extremely strong, as strong as a single-crystal diamond
  • Very low friction, coefficients of friction 0.03 in air
  • Low stickiness, Hydrophobic surface
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    Product Description

    NaDiaProbes are all-diamond probes for advanced AFM-based research. These probes are not diamond coated or diamond-like carbon. In NaDiaProbes both the cantilever and probe tip are made of UNCD® (Ultrananocrystalline Diamond) a patented diamond thin-film made to a monolithic structure.  Some Unique UNCD material properties are:

    • Mechanical Properties: Equivalent to natural diamond in hardness, Young’s modulus, fracture toughness and strength.
    • Tribological Properties: Smooth UNCD exhibits friction coefficients as low as 0.03 in air.
    • Transport Properties: Some of UNCD films exhibit some of the highest conductivity reported for a phase-pure diamond film and are more conductive than any doped crystalline diamond film or diamond-like carbon film.
    • Electron Field Emission Properties: UNCD films consistently exhibit very low threshold fields for field electron emission. Emission currents as high as 100 µA from a single UNCD-coated silicon micro-tip have been observed. Emission currents as high as 1 mA have been achieved from conformally-coated arrays of silicon microtips.

    NaDiaProbes have been used for different type of applications ranging from imaging to nanoindentation.  NadiaProbes are designed to fit most commercial AFM instruments.

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