NTi 40C

Nanocolloid, a sub-classification of ultrafine particles with length in two or three dimensions bigger than 1nm and smaller than 100nm. Nanoparticle research is currently an area of intense scientific research, due to a wide variety of potential applications in biomedical, optical, and electronic fields. Nanoparticles are of great scientific interest as they are effectively a bridge between bulk materials and atomic or molecular structures. These particles can be created either using “top-down” approach by breaking large pieces of materials to generate the required nanostructures or “bottom-up” approach where single atoms and molecules are assembled into larger nanostructures. The NTi-PC series uses the “top-down” approach to generate metal nanoparticles such as Al, Ti, Zr, W, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Ag, An, Sn, Pt, Au, etc. with average particle size 5-50 nm.


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