Affordable. Compact. High Resolution. Robust.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is a precision instrument that can be used for analyzing the shapes or constituents of microstructure materials in quantitative and qualitative at the nm scale. It is an essential tool for visualization and accurate measurements of nanostructures. COXEM SEM offers a perfect balance between affordability and performance, especially when sub nanometer imaging is becoming a standard. This instrument is designed to maintain robustness, affordability and ease-of-use. The SEM is a truly multidisciplinary metrology and industry standard tool in countless engineering and research fields and used in chemistry, biology, material science as well as nano-materials and nano-biology.


  • Precise & high quality images <14 nm resolution or better
  • Accurate depiction of materials at the nanoscale
  • Auto focus and fine focus
  • High magnification
  • Stage position memory
  • Filament memory
  • Auto stage, click and move
  • Portable, designed to fit even in small lab space
  • Modular design – easy to service and maintain. None to little downtime

 Magnification: ~ x 100,000

 Accelerating Voltage: 1kV, 1kV/3kV/5kV/10kV/15kV/20kV/30kV

 Image: Secondary Electron Image (SEI)

 Resolution: 14 nm

 XY Stage: 35 x 35 mm²

 Stage Rotation: 360°

Sample size: 60 mm (D), 45 mm (H)

 EDS option for elemental analysis is available
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