Scanning Spread Resistance Microscopy

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These probes are designed for Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) which enables simultaneous topographic imaging and 2D carrier density mapping on the surface of semiconductor samples. In addition these probes can be used for nano-indentation and nano-scratching applications. These probes can be used for imaging in contact mode, in air, liquid, on hard surfaces and non-contact mode. Here are the properties of these tips:

  • Extreme hardness, for indenting many surfaces
  • Extreme wear resistance, no change after many scans
  • Extremely strong, as strong as a single-crystal diamond
  • Very low friction, coefficients of friction 0.03 in air
  • Low stickiness, Hydrophobic surface


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    Product Description

    NaDiaProbes are all-diamond probes for advanced AFM-based research. These probes are not diamond coated or diamond-like carbon. In NaDiaProbes both the cantilever and probe tip are made of UNCD® (Ultrananocrystalline Diamond) a patented diamond thin-film made to a monolithic structure.  Some Unique UNCD material properties are:

    • Mechanical Properties: Equivalent to natural diamond in hardness, Young’s modulus, fracture toughness and strength.
    • Tribological Properties: Smooth UNCD exhibits friction coefficients as low as 0.03 in air.
    • Transport Properties: Some of UNCD films exhibit some of the highest conductivity reported for a phase-pure diamond film and are more conductive than any doped crystalline diamond film or diamond-like carbon film.
    • Electron Field Emission Properties: UNCD films consistently exhibit very low threshold fields for field electron emission. Emission currents as high as 100 µA from a single UNCD-coated silicon micro-tip have been observed. Emission currents as high as 1 mA have been achieved from conformally-coated arrays of silicon microtips.

    NaDiaProbes have been used for different type of applications ranging from imaging to nanoindentation.  NadiaProbes are designed to fit most commercial AFM instruments.

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