• Scanning Spread Resistance Microscopy

    From: $1,400.00

    Data Sheet

    These probes are designed for Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) which enables simultaneous topographic imaging and 2D carrier density mapping on the surface of semiconductor samples. In addition these probes can be used for nano-indentation and nano-scratching applications. These probes can be used for imaging in contact mode, in air, liquid, on hard surfaces and non-contact mode. Here are the properties of these tips:

    • Extreme hardness, for indenting many surfaces
    • Extreme wear resistance, no change after many scans
    • Extremely strong, as strong as a single-crystal diamond
    • Very low friction, coefficients of friction 0.03 in air
    • Low stickiness, Hydrophobic surface


  • Conductive Contact Mode

    From: $950.00

    Data Sheet

    These probes are designed for conducting scanning probe microscopy (C-AFM), Oxidation lithography, E-Chem AFM, Piezo-Force microscopy and SSRM. These probes feature high electrical conductivity and they are not like the metal coated probes.  These probes are totally conductive.  Additionally, the apex of less than 10 nm radius is respectively sharp when compared to the metal coated probes which gives unprecedented topographic and electrical resolution. Here are the properties of these tips:

    • No tip wear/Extremely durable
    • No tip shape degradation
    • Low friction
    • Suitable for bio-applications
    • Enables unparalleled resolution


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