Reservoir 66×12 CC Wells


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    Product Description

    The 66×12 Reservoir feature twelve 2 mm diameter reservoirs with a depth of 85 µm. Each reservoir is connected to 40 µm wide channel that leads to the loading area where channels taper to 10 µm across.

    The reservoir arrays are ~1 cm2, easily fitting onto the sample puck of the DPN 5000, NSCRIPTOR™ Systems, as well as the stage of the NLP 2000 System. The 66×12 Reservoir arrays are designed specifically to be used with side 2 of Type-M probe arrays. The spacing between the microchannels is 66 µm, corresponding exactly to the spacing between each probe of side 2 of the Type-M probe array

    The reservoirs are filled with solution using a micropipette, usually 0.3-0.5 µL (a small drop).

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