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    Product Description

    The 48 Bio M Inkwell arrays are designed specifically to be used with 48 Bio M Pen arrays. The spacing between the microchannels is 66 µm, corresponding exactly to the spacing between each pens of the 48 Bio M pens. The 48 Bio M Inkwells feature 48 2 mm diameter reservoirs with a depth of 85 µm. Each reservoir is connected to 40 µm wide channel that leads to the loading area where channels taper to 10 µm across

    Inkwell Arrays are used to coat pen tips with ink material. The pen array is dipped into the terminal side of the micron-sized channels, containing different inks for coating the tips of the pen array. The reservoirs are filled with solution using a micropipette, usually 0.3-0.5 µL (a small drop).

    The Inkwell arrays are ~1 cm2, easily fitting onto the sample puck of the DPN 5000, NSCRIPTOR™ Systems, as well as the stage of the NLP 2000 System

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